Listening With Our Hearts

One year has passed since we opened our doors.

And that year has been full of magical manifestation, miracles and a lot of laughter.

She Thrives is a humbling project. It has a life force of its own. It has intention and purpose that continually unfolds. And those of us that carry out this vision, listen. In fact listening was the one skill required of us most when we said ‘HELL YES’ to this idea.

We don’t listen with our ears. We listen with our instincts, with our belly, with our heart.

Some call it using your intuition, others say you’re going with your gut. What it’s called isn’t the important part. The use of this type of listening is a subtle art. An art that every human can do and in fact does all day long. The thing is though, so many of us don’t realize we’re doing it. Here at She Thrives we honour the wisdom that can be heard by this type of listening. It’s something we all value.

This past year was uncertain. When we pitched the idea of creating a place where everyone would feel welcome to show up as their most authentic self we weren’t sure who would answer our call and join us on this ride.

We couldn’t have imagined the response we would get from so many talented and beautiful humans wanting to join our team. We couldn’t have known how our programming and services and our space would touch the hearts of so many people in the community around us. We couldn’t have predicted the life-changing transformations that would take place inside our walls. Nor the laughter and joy that would become a daily state of being here at She Thrives.

And now with this past year behind us we can see better what the plan was all along.

When we accepted responsibility for carrying out the vision that was placed on our hearts over a year ago, we weren’t able to see forward to the spellbinding reality that this place now is. And we’re grateful for that. It meant that there were no limits placed on what could be. There was no opportunity for us to envision smaller than what it actually already was.

Sometimes we just need to say YES when something tells us “go for it”. It can be scary when things aren’t certain.

But if you allow your heart to guide your decisions, often life surprises you by doing it so much better than you could have ever imagined.

Thank you for taking this ride with us.

BIG love xo,

Sarah & Cristol
Co-Owners of She Thrives

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We Thrive’s #TRUEyou Project inspires and honours the courage to live a life aligned with true authenticity, radical self-care, and magical joy.