#TRUEyou Project

We all know what alignment feels like.
Sometimes we don’t realize we do, but we do.

It feels good to live with integrity and authenticity. There is peace and contentment in our heart, body and mind when we make a decision that resonates deeply for us. We live presently and joyfully when our actions are aligned with our priorities and our values. It feels empowering to speak our truth and ask for what we need. Our body buzzes with excitement when our work is in line with our purpose. And our days feel easy and effortless when we honour our needs before all else.

And because we understand what living in alignment with our truest desires and purpose feels like – we also know what it feels like to be misaligned.

You’ve likely felt that yearning at some point in your life. The desire that builds in you to make a change, to initiate a course correction, to find yourself again. This desire is common and powerful. And it usually reaches a threshold after years of making yourself smaller by continually choosing over and over what better serves those you love before yourself.

We are taught early that being generous and kind to others means heralding their needs as more important than our own. And at times this is appropriate, but when it leaves us feeling depleted, misunderstood or off course, it’s imperative we see the difference.

There is always a loving way to say “no”, a kind way to choose differently than what is expected, and an empowered way to speak the truth.

Making a habit of honouring what feels ‘right’ to you, first and foremost, is integral to living with authenticity. And we’d argue it’s one of the most foundational things you can do to live a good life.

It’s easy to get out of touch with what ‘feels right’, though. Years of making a practice out of honouring others first dilutes our ability to read our very own cues. So we’ve begun this project to help you.

The #TRUEyou Project is our answer to your yearning. We’ve felt it too. The desire to feel aligned, happy and content again. And so here, in this safe space, we will share what we’ve learned. We will honour the stories of women who have learned the art of self-care. We will highlight the tools and tips and ideas that will help you live vibrantly, on purpose and in love with your life!

Join us on this journey. Share your ideas, questions and stories of your own. We are so excited to connect with you.


Sarah Hutchison

Sarah Hutchison

Chief Empowering Officer, CEO

As a busy mom, wellness-preneur and typical ‘creative’, Sarah Hutchison loves to run with exciting ideas. The pulse of her creativity flows from a deep sense of ‘self’ developed through years of hard-fought recovery from illness and efforts to restore balance to her hectic life. A natural intuitive, Sarah understands her life purpose to be one of service to others, coming alongside, particularly women, to inspire them to be the highest, most authentic, most joyful version of themselves. With the creation of She Thrives, Sarah is living out her dharma as she holds safe space for the transformation and healing of others.

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We Thrive’s #TRUEyou Project inspires and honours the courage to live a life aligned with true authenticity, radical self-care, and magical joy.