A fresh page on our calendars means that we get a fresh chance to go for all those things we’ve been wanting to go for, right?

Okay let’s get real, because I’m about to. 
Did you make a new year’s resolution?
Have you already broken it? (shh… we won’t tell anyone.)

How many times have we done this, expecting that as soon as the page on the calendar changes we can suddenly show up and do life differently. It’s not logical but we keep taking the bait!

We start out with the best intentions- a plan, a beautiful journal, a fresh day planner and a feeling that we could take on the world. But eventually we end up in the same place:  “It’s only (insert date here) and I have already broken my resolution. I might as well give up completely.”

Does this sound like you?
Here’s the true but maybe hard-to-hear fact about making positive changes in your life, it’s hard. So hard in fact that some resolutions just can’t be met if we’re not 100% ready- and is everyone ready on January 1st?
How do we even get ready to make the changes we want to make?

Whether your ready to take that big leapstop the habit/ create something new for yourself is uncertain.

What IS certain is that you are ready to prepare yourself for that change.
Think of it as laying the groundwork for what’s coming up in your future. Then, on whatever day you feel READY to do the big thing, you’ll do it and succeed

How do we do the Groundwork?

  1. Take a step back to see what lies behind that larger goal. What can I put energy toward right now that will help me prepare?
  2. Ask yourself, who can I enlist to help keep me accountable and on course? This could be friends, family, coaches, professionals. Anyone who is willing to take a stake in your well-being can be a part of your team.
  3. Get curious- What’s your carrot? Ask yourself, what helps me stay motivated? How can I reward myself along the way? Exploring what works for YOU is highly individualized. Take a look backward and see if you can see the conditions that helped you stay focused when you were on track. Then it’s up to you to put those conditions into place for yourself 🙂

Sometimes we need our community to hold us up, sometimes we need someone else to take the reigns to assure that we stay on track, sometimes we need to put our money where our mouths are, to give us extra incentive to keep on going. 

Starting Small

If your BIG goal includes physical fitness, be gentle with yourself.

Joining an at home gentle yoga class can help you reconnect to your body in a loving way. Often we take on the goal of physical fitness with intensity and rigidity, but starting gentle might be just what you need to ease your way in to a healthier you. Plus, with a class you get accountability- at least one hour a week that you commit to yourself and the class!

Maybe you’re not quite ready for a class, but you want to start building you connection to your body a bit more? Working one on one with a yoga professional  can give you confidence and insight into how you can coax your body into becoming ready to make significant life changes.

If your BIG goal focuses on changing eating habits, start here.

Changing your eating habits can be one of the most impactful ways you can set the groundwork for a healthier you, but it’s HARD to change the programming around food on your own. So often we’re not even eating because we’re hungry, but instead from a deep story that we hold in our subconscious minds. Hypnosis sessions with a trained and certified professional can help you reprogram that story to lay the groundwork for a greater level of success! Ask about our Mindful Eating Program with Carrie Taylor.

If your BIG goal includes mental health gains, reach out.
This is a big one. We have all been challenged in the past 2 years to find peace and stability as we navigate ever changing conditions. If you’re focused on calming the mind, finding clarity and confidence and learning tools to keep yourself off of the edge of emotional outbursts, meditation could help. Consider joining a meditation group or exploring alignment coaching.

Or maybe this is the year that you start working with a psychotherapist? Welcome to the club, you’re in good company. Finding someone to work with that you feel you can trust isn’t easy, which is why We Thrive offers free virtual meetings with all of our psychotherapists. This is your chance to get a feel for each other so that you can decide how you want to move forward.

Let us help you prepare.

Whatever your intention is for 2022, We Thrive is here for you.
We’ve got tools to help you lay the groundwork and a community of beautiful souls who are ready to join your team.

Some like to say “It takes a village to raise a ME” and it does. With accountability, support, patience and being gentle with ourselves, we know that we can do hard things, or at least we can prepare ourselves so that when the time is right to do hard things- we’ll be ready.

You can be too.


Stef Bourke

Stef Bourke

Alignment Coach

Stef Bourke is a certified Meditation and Alignment Coach. She focuses on providing practical tools to help people experience more mindful moments in their everyday lives. She is a lover of nature, animals and authentic connection. When she’s not practicing meditation or yoga, you can find her outside, drinking in the experience of the world we live in.