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Chronic Pain: How Physiotherapy Can Help

Life doesn’t have to hurt. When old injuries are speaking upyou don’t have to learn to ‘live with it.’

Have you been living with pain or discomfort from a old injury? The longer we live with something, the more it becomes normalized in the body. We tolerate the pain. We learn to accommodate the injury by avoiding activities that might aggravate it, often forgetting that life without pain could be possible.

Did you know that even old injuries can respond well to physiotherapy?

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Can Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy has been shown to be effective in:

Helping with old muscle and soft tissue damage:  By strengthening muscles, improving flexibility and bringing awareness to posture and body mechanics, we can increase the body’s ability to handle more stress without strain. 

  • Strengthening an area of your body that you have been protecting: When an injury doesn’t fully heal, we tend to lack confidence in it- which prevents us from using it and it doesn’t have the chance to grow strong again. These weak points in the body are more vulnerable to re-injury. 
  • Correcting how the body is compensating for your old injury: When one part of the body is injured, it puts strain on other parts of the body, which can cause additional connected injuries.
physiotherpist treating a man's knee on a therapy ball

When to See a Physiotherapist

Is it time to seek expert advice from a Physiotherapist?

When it comes to the body, there are many different approaches to healing.

If the treatments you have been pursuing aren’t helping your body heal, it could be a good time to bring a fresh perspective onto your care team. Each person that you align with in your wellness journey has something new to offer, including extensive knowledge and deep understanding of all types of injuries.

Whether it’s been weeks, months or even longer- it’s never too late to try a new approach.

Reach out to Belleville Physiotherapist Leslie Richards to explore how you can work together to move past your past.