Alignment & Meditation Coaching

Are you on a spiritual journey? But you can’t seem to get your human-self and your spiritual-self working together? Do you struggle to integrate and LIVE OUT what you’ve been reading in numerous books?  Do you feel like there’s a magical element missing from your life but you don’t know what it is? 

Meet Your Coach

Stef Bourke is a certified Alignment and Meditation Coach.

Alignment Coaching helps you begin to explore how to WALK your TALK. It helps you become consciously aware of your thoughts, emotions and energy so that you can harness their transformative power to learn and grow, empowering yourself as a co-creator of your life.

With your coach, Stef Bourke, you can explore an entirely different set of non-tangible goals such as focusing on returning to love or being one with the universe. An Alignment Coach will help you achieve the spiritual fulfillment that you are looking for and experience a sense of peace, love, and purpose, as well as wholeness and appreciation for all that is. 

Stef Bourke is a certified Meditation and Alignment Coach. She provides practical tools to help people experience more mindful moments in their day. She loves nature, animals and authentic connection. When she’s not practicing meditation or yoga, she’s outside drinking in the experience of the world we live in.

Alignment Coaching is for you if...

You are on a spiritual journey, and you’ve done some work but you feel like you’re missing something.

You are interested in meditation and mindfulness but you’re having a hard time staying in your presence.


You know that energy and vibration are important to your vitality, but you struggle to sense, feel and work with your own energy body.

You’ve read all the books and you cognitively understand what it means to be spiritual, but you can’t quite put it into action.

You feel a calling to be IN SERVICE to others in this lifetime, but you need guidance and accountability in defining ad acting on it.

You are ready to live an authentic life!

What to Expect at Your Sessions

We will work on your meditation practice.

During the coaching process we will build your meditation practice and make a commitment together to the daily maintenance of your physical and energetic being.

You will learn and explore a variety of styles of meditation so that you can begin to create the practice that resonates most deeply with you.

We will help you deepen your intuition.

From a place of stillness nurtured by quieting the mind, you will learn how to tap into and read your own energy to sense the subtle information your body is providing you with at all times. You will strengthen your intuition and inner wisdom, grow your skills of deep listening and your ability to connect to the grounding forces of the earth and the cosmos to maintain balance.

When we tap into our wisdom and understand our soul’s calling, we can investigate the other “truths” that we hold in our life that may not be serving us. We can get intentional about what truths we WANT to live by, and energetically work on letting go of the ones that are outdated or untrue.

We will help you live authentically.

We will explore how to raise your vibration, how to hold the light and how to lead with love and compassion. We will explore what it’s like to BE authentically Who You Really Are in everything you think, say and do, and how to BRING YOURSELF BACK to your authentic self more quickly when you’ve fallen out of alignment.

Understanding yourself and your world around you from a spiritual perspective can help you lead a more meaningful life.

You may discover that you have a profound purpose in this lifetime and that the events in your life leading up to this moment have been orchestrated to bring you to your true path.

Meditation Classes & Events

Work on your meditation practice and connect with others.

Lunchtime Guided Meditation

Lunchtime Guided Meditation

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 12:15pm

Full Moon Restorative & Sound

Full Moon Restorative & Sound

July 22 | 7:30 - 9:00pm


Alignment & Meditation Coaching

60 Minute Session | $100 (+HST)
Via video or in-person.

Private Guided Meditation

45 Minute Session | $60 (+HST)
Via video or in-person.