Tired of working alone?

Within the next decade, 40% of the work force will work at a distance from colleagues, virtually or in home offices and other informal settings. More and more we are transitioning to work relationships that allow us time freedom, but deny us the enjoyment of working alongside others.

With this transition, larger city centres have seen a dramatic number of professionals turning to coworking spaces to facilitate the need to connect, network and learn from others throughout their workday. Coworking provides the opportunity to share workspace, resources and professional development.


Coworking at We Thrive

At We Thrive we support the full breadth of health, wellness and happiness and this includes supporting work lives. Our space includes a coworking studio with shared desks suitable for entrepreneurs or employees that work virtually, and who want a change of scenery by working from our space for the day.


Get your Coworking 10-Pass and cowork for $5 per day! PLUS get a FREE lunchtime yoga or meditation class when you buy your pass today!

Coworking Passes

Explore the options below for co-creating in our Coworking Studio!

A Balanced Workday

We encourage coworkers at We Thrive to balance their work day with mindfulness or movement, and moments of social connection with likeminded virtual workers and entrepreneurs. Coworkers can take advantage of lunchtime yoga and meditation classes, as well as morning circles and social gatherings in our 600 square foot studio.

Time for Rest & Contemplation

Sometimes when we are knee deep in a project or busy working through our to-do list, our brain can get foggy and things can slow down. It’s important to take breaks from our work throughout our day, even if they are just five-minute reprieves. We Thrive has created comfortable spaces, including a library, where you can refocus your attention and open up to those ‘aha’ ideas that come when we press pause on our work.

Go Inside We Thrive

Have a look at this video to watch a full tour inside We Thrive. Go with co-owner Sarah Hutchison, as she takes you on a behind the scenes look at our holistic wellness centre.