8-Week Accountability Group

For the person who is ready to truly go after their goals!

Let’s be honest. By the end of January most of us are back into our old habits and ways, realizing that it’s harder to go after our goals than we thought. Perhaps it’s time or money constraints, procrastination, current lack of results or doubting whether we can really create what it is we want to experience. 

If this is you, you are in good company! Studies have shown that by January 12th, 80% of people have fallen off track of what they set out to achieve. Even as I coach, I find that it can be incredibly challenging to stay on track with your goals and make true and lasting change in your life. 

The one thing I know for sure that DOES work is ACCOUNTABILITY and COMMUNITY. When we are making change, it can create all kinds of insecurity, doubt and fear in our body as we are stepping into something new (even IF it’s something that we REALLY want). What is more, when we make goals, we often keep them to ourselves, which unconsciously gives us permission to let ourselves off the hook. That’s where the magic of accountability and community come in!

Goal Getters is an 8-week online accountability group to support, encourage and hold you accountable to what it is you want to achieve! 

This 8-Week Accountability Group, facilitated by Hilary Foster, is for the person who is ready to truly achieve their intentions, dreams and desires – NO excuses!

Whether you have health goals you’d like to achieve, a business or creative project you’d like to launch, or a desire to deepen your personal wellness, this is for the person who is ready to do something different and say HECK YES to their GOALS! 

What You’ll Get:

Tools: You will have support, guidance and downloadable resources curated by Hilary to help you stay aligned, committed and in action. 

A Plan: Making space to get specific about your goal(s) and what it is you need to get there.

A Tribe: Often what is challenging about making change is a feeling of isolation. This is a space to feel fully supported, seen and validated in the goals you desire to reach!

Accountability: Weekly check-ins via Facebook. Celebrate. Re-align. Re-commit.

Inspiration: Hilary will be providing weekly online support and motivational videos to help you stay on track.

Who Is This Group For?

This group is perfect for people who:

  • Are ready to create change in their life. No more excuses!
  • Know what it is they want to achieve or experience but still feel self-doubt, fear, lack of motivation, clarity or accountability.
  • Are tired of going at it alone.
  • Desire support but are not ready for one-on-one coaching.

What you won’t experience:

Judgment or shame.

This is a totally love-based zone. A LOT of why we don’t achieve our goals is because we judge and shame ourselves SO harshly for what we DON’T do. Here’s the thing: we’re human! We WILL fail, fall off or fall behind. That is NORMAL. It is the judgement that prevents us from getting back up again. This group is here to not only witness your triumphs, but hold loving space for setbacks.

The exchange:

Your soul investment: $150 + HST

Option: Pay in 2 installments of $75 + HST / month



Our Guarantee

If at any point, you are unsatisfied with this service,

just let us know and we will provide your money back, no questions asked!



Working with Hilary Foster

Hilary Foster is a Certified Life Coach, who focuses on helping people to love themselves fiercely and connect back to their desires so they can create lives that light them up. Through personal 1-1 coaching sessions, Hilary guides her clients from dreaming of a life they love to actually living it by helping clients:

• Get clear on their desires.
• Learn to love themselves fully, as they are.
• Connect to their higher-self and create a powerful vision for their lives.
• Heal past wounds and re-write disempowering stories.
• Connect to their inner goddess, to feel beautiful from the inside out.
• Take bold and aligned action so they can make their dreams happen.