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Life Coaching

with Hilary Foster

Certified Life Coach, Hilary Foster guides clients, through one-to-one coaching sessions, from dreaming of a life they love to actually living it. By creating a space of love and listening, Hilary helps her clients move through difficult circumstances, decisions or life transitions. She also helps them learn to love themselves more deeply, and find acceptance about where they are at. Hilary is passionate about helping people rediscover their authentic desires and values, and really begin to step into their own power.

Life Coaching helps you…

Make important decisions
Navigate big transitions
Work towards your goals
Find peace and acceptance
Work through your grief
Find yourself again
Uncover your true feelings
Gain confidence and motivation

A Note from Hilary

Hello beautiful soul,

If you’re here, then you are a searcher and you are my kind of person.  

Life coaching is one of those convoluted terms that no one really quite knows how to explain, so let me offer my take. You’re in the right place: 

  • If you’re searching to find yourself again (or for the first time),
  • If your searching to move past a difficult transition or life event,
  • If you’re desiring to connect to that thing that makes you sparkle, 
  • If you KNOW that dream you want to accomplish, but you just can’t seem to get it off the ground. 

Who am I? 

My name is Hilary. I am a Certified Life Coach, educator and speaker and it is my greatest passion on this earth to help people see themselves for the brilliant humans they are.  

I am here to see you and reflect back to you the amazing person you ALREADY are. I am here to hold space for all the parts of you that are craving to be heard and seen. I am here to help you step back into your truth and your power.

I Believe: 

Life is complex and complicated. Sometimes we can lose sight of who we are, whether that be because we’ve always been too hard on ourselves or we’ve gone through an experience(s) that made us lose our way. 

Life is beautiful. When we give ourselves the opportunity, it can be a place where we can express who we are and share our gifts with the world. Sometimes you just need help to get started, a safe place for your true self to be seen, or a hand to help inspire you to take action. 

Life can sometimes be painful. It can throw us curve balls that can be hard to process or go through alone. Healing happens when your heart can be heard. Healing happens in connection and community. 

Life came without instructions. Magic happens when you’re given a little bit of presence and deep listening, when you learn HOW to love yourself fully and have practical tools to stay grounded when life triggers or pulls you away from who you truly are.

My Practice:

Here’s the thing I’ve learned while both in my practice and in healing myself:

  • There is no ‘destination’, timer ‘ding’ “I’m done!” There is no THERE. There is only HERE and in here, there are places to love, heal and express in new ways. Believing that healing happens in a one and done way is the same as when movies end on ‘happily ever after’ without showing all the life that goes on once the curtains close.
  • We are growing and evolving beings and as such, we will always be on the quest. 
  • What I offer is the space for deep and loving listening, so you can see, love yourself in ways you never have before, to learn how to be at peace with all parts of yourself, how to change things in your life to be more aligned with how you want to experience it and the tools to move through hard moments or moments when you are feeling hard on yourself. 

If this feels like a YES for you, then it would be my honour to hold space for you.

Believing in you,



Start with an Introductory Meeting

Not really sure where to begin?  We recommend you meet with Hilary for a FREE 15-Minute Introductory Meeting to ask your questions, learn more about life coaching, and ensure that Hilary is the right coach for you!

Service Fees

Initial Session

60-Minute Session
$100 + HST
(in-person or online video)


Follow-Up Sessions

60-Minute Session
$100 + HST
(in-person or online video)


Payment Options

Payment options include cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard.


We are here for you.

Please reach out if you have questions or need help booking your appointment. For convenience, we offer online booking. But are always happy to receive your calls!