Intuitive Guidance 


Living an intuitive life.

In my lived experience, the more we honour our human needs – the more finely-tuned our intuition becomes. There is this beautiful balance that life invites us to find, between our grounded human experience and our spiritual growth and awakening.

My goal is to help you find that balance.

~ Sarah Hutchison

About Sarah

Intuitive & Self Care Mentor

Sarah Hutchison is a Spiritual Intuitive and a Self-Care Mentor. As Co-Founder of We Thrive Wellness Centre and Bliss B4 Laundry, she lives her life purpose: to hold safe space for the transformation and healing of others. After experiencing spiritual emergences that became emergencies, Sarah learned how important self-care is to intuitive development. She now shares techniques, resources and guidance with others wanting to live an intuitive lifestyle.

What to Expect in an Intuitive Guidance Session

Clients enjoy a meditative sound escape, while snuggled on a massage table. As relaxation sets in and the client slips into a calm, restful state, Sarah uses intuitive senses to access energetic information and guidance (in the form of imagery, symbols and messages).

Sarah moves seamlessly between holding energetic healing space (using Reiki Energy Healing techniques) for the client, and receiving guidance, which she quietly records in writing as the session unfolds.

Sarah allows the client’s energetic state to reveal an essential oil blend that would serve them at this point in their journey, and she listens for self-care practices and guidance that will further their personal and intuitive growth.

At times, Sarah may connect with loved ones on the Other Side, if healing is needed around their passing or they have important messages to share for the client’s growth and healing.

In the second half of the session, Sarah shares the guidance received, key messages are identified, and tools and resources for the client’s continued development are explored. The client takes away a customized essential oil blend for use in their daily routines.

An Intuitive Guidance Session is for you if:


It has become clear to you that there is “more to life” than you originally thought.


You desire to connect more deeply with yourself and be guided by your intuition. You want to experience life on a deeper level.


You have experienced synchronicities firsthand, noticed “the magic”, or seen the signposts guiding and encouraging you – and this design or orchestration to life fascinates you.


You often find yourself trying to solve other people’s problems, so you don’t have to “feel” their pain anymore. You people-please to keep the peace, as a protective measure for your heart. It is overwhelming to feel everyone’s emotions like they’re your own, all the time.


You feel misunderstood and alone at times when it comes to your sensitivities, and you want to talk to someone who will understand.


You have lived through a breakdown, a trauma, or a burnout that ignited your “sensitivities” and opened you up intuitively. 


You know with certainty that your life has purpose and meaning. You feel a calling or a deep yearning to figure out what that is, and you’re looking for a little support as you do.


You are READY to live life to the fullest!

Service Fees

Initial Session

90-Minute Session
$111 + HST


Follow-Up Sessions

60-Minute Session
$88 + HST


Payment Options

Payment options include cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard.


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