Liane Wood, M.B., RP, CHP

What is Psychotherapy?

A psychotherapist is one who engages clients in talk or experiential therapy in order to help improve: quality of life, satisfaction in relationships, functioning in society, performance in work or play, general health, and well-being.

Psychotherapy addresses personal difficulties. It allows an individual, family, or couple, to talk openly and confidentially about their concerns and feelings with a trained professional. Almost all types of psychotherapy involve developing a therapeutic relationship, communicating and creating a dialogue, and working to overcome problematic thoughts, feelings or behaviors.

About Liane

Liane Wood is a Registered Psychotherapist (RP),  who has combined her education in the mental health field with her own personal experiences. To pursue her passion for helping others, and after many years volunteering as a peer counselor, Liane went back to school to study psychotherapy at a master’s level in Toronto attending the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. She graduated the Spiritual Psychotherapy program, which combines spirituality with psychotherapy in an innovative approach that addresses the needs of the soul and spirit, as well as the human experience.

With the help of her service dog, Harley, Liane works at not only improving herself, but also at helping others who are searching for a path to mental vitality. The combination of personal experience with her studies in mental health allows Liane to customize and tailor therapy sessions to meet each client’s needs.

“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.”    ~ Ivy Baker Priest

Liane’s Story

One day, Liane Wood’s life was irrevocably changed with no advance warning.

Liane nearly died in a drowning accident when she attempted to help her daughter’s friend escape from her car, which had plunged into an icy, cold river. In the months and years that followed, Liane was forced to adjust to her new normal – living with the mental and emotional aftermath of a deeply traumatic event.

Liane learned first-hand how difficult the struggle can be and how very real it is. She now has the tools, the techniques, the theory and the credentials, as well as first hand experience, to support and help others heal from their own difficult circumstances.


Harley has been a big part of Liane’s healing process over the last few years. As a service dog, he works alongside Liane, providing support and reassurance. And having attended all of Liane’s psychotherapy training, Harley has developed a sensitivity to emotion that makes him a perfect support in Liane’s therapy room. Note: If you have a sensitivity to dogs or an allergy, please let us know and we can accommodate by using a different room or having Harley stay elsewhere during your sessions.

Videos with Liane

Getting to Know Liane

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The Importance of Trusting Ourselves

The Importance of Trusting Ourselves

Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic

How It Works

Liane is a member of the Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic. This means that she is able to gain swift access to psychiatric consultation for her clients through the Ontario Telemedicine Network. Psychiatric consultations can be obtained within 2-4 weeks, much faster than the normal waiting period. The clinic is called a “Virtual Clinic” because the psychiatrist will be present via video conferencing through the Ontario Telemedicine Network (like Skype, but confidential and secure). With your consent, the psychiatric consultation will occur in Liane’s office, while she is present in the room with you, and with everyone working as a team. These consultations will provide clients with necessary medications (prescriptions faxed directly to the patient’s pharmacy), or a medication check, and if requested, assistance with diagnoses.

This collaborative initiative, allows Liane to work in a circle of care with the client, the family doctor and a psychiatrist. Following the consultation, a follow up clinical note is sent directly to the family doctor indicating what therapeutic interventions have occurred and the continued care the client will receive ongoing with Liane. If it’s determined by the psychiatrist or by Liane that the client needs further follow up with the psychiatrist, this is not only available, but is included with the first referral meaning that multiple referrals for psychiatric care for a single client are not required. The Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic ensures that clients get the care they need quickly and with the collaborative support of a multidisciplinary care team.

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Payment & Fees

Visit Fees

Initial Assessment: $185 + HST
Follow-Up Session: $160 + HST

Payment Options

HST is charged on psychotherapy visits. Payment options include Cash, Debit, Visa or MasterCard.

Insurance Coverage: Psychotherapy visits are not covered by OHIP, however, many insurance companies offer complete or partial coverage for visits. Please check with your insurance provider.