Hilary Foster

Life Coaching

Hilary Foster is a Certified Life Coach, who focuses on helping people to love themselves fiercely and connect back to their desires so they can create lives that light them up. It is Hilary’s passion to create a space where people can put themselves first: to heal, to dream, to create, to come alive.

Whether you are a person with a dream, have a heart that’s ready to heal, or are someone who’s ready to stop living the mundane and step into your purpose, Life Coach Hilary Foster is here to help.

We are natural givers. This is a beautiful quality! But often as a result, we forget to give back to ourselves. This can leave us feeling depleted, lost, or numb. It is hard to not only give from this place, it’s hard to live.

As such, it is Hilary’s belief that the most selfless act a person can do is to give back to themself.

Because we are natural givers, by choosing ourselves, we don’t have less to give, we have infinitely more to share:

More love. More joy. More passion. More confidence. More compassion. More meaning. More life. More impact. More!


Working with Hilary

Through personal 1-1 coaching sessions, Hilary guides her clients from dreaming of a life they love to actually living it. By creating a space of love and listening, Hilary connects to her clients in a way where they not only feel heard, but they begin to believe in themselves and step into their power.

Each individualized coaching program helps clients:

• Get clear on their desires.
• Learn to love themselves fully, as they are.
• Connect to their higher-self and create a powerful vision for their lives.
• Heal past wounds and re-write disempowering stories.
• Connect to their inner goddess, to feel beautiful from the inside out.
• Take bold and aligned action so they can make their dreams happen.

Videos with Hilary

What is self-love?

Life Coaching with Hilary

Payment & Fees

Visit Fees

Life Coaching
60-Minute Coaching Sessions: $90 + HST

Payment Options

*At this time, Hilary is offering a reduced rate on life coaching to make it easier for people to access support admist much financial uncertainty.*

Life coaching with Hilary is currently $90/hr
Hilary’s regular rate is $125/hr

HST is charged on life coaching visits. Payment options include Cash, Debit, Visa or MasterCard.