Welcome to We Thrive

Our centre has been designed intentionally to put our clients at ease. We have turned the typical clinical experience on its head, offering a warm, welcoming and safe space for our clients to explore all the dimensions of their health and wellness. Everyone is welcome here.

We Offer Holistic Care

At We Thrive, we work within a Circle of Care Model. We understand that people heal in complex and individualized ways. What is effective, supportive and healing for one person, may not be for another. So our work with our clients is as varied as the individuals we serve. Our team collaborates and consults with one another, to ensure we offer care that harnesses the collective expertise of our team and our community.

We work alongside our clients, honouring the knowledge each has of their own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. We present options and information, and practice deep listening, to help clients have agency in their own healthcare decisions. We witness transformations in our clients’ health and happiness every day, and we are humbled by this and grateful to be a part of it. 

Our Services

Alignment Coaching
Couples Experiences
Energy Therapy & Reiki
Esthetics & Spa
Life Coaching
Massage Therapy
Meditation & Sound
Spiritual Direction
Therapy & Counselling

About Our Care


At We Thrive we believe that a person’s health, wellness and happiness is elevated when they feel a part of a community that understands them, and cares for and supports them. This is why our philosophy of care is grounded in an experience of community and connectedness.

What Is Important to Us

Everyone is Welcome

To heal we need to be seen and understood. And we need to feel safe to be ourselves. At We Thrive, we honour each client’s individual journey. It is our commitment to our clients and staff to create inclusive care that welcomes everyone equally. 

Feels Like Home

The typical clinical experience has been turned on its head at We Thrive. Our physical space is intentionally designed to support healing. The emphasis is on creating comfortable, safe space for people to explore all dimensions of wellness in an environment that is first and foremost inviting and warm.


At We Thrive we are not content to do things the way others are doing them just because that is how it has always been done. It is our commitment to the people in our care and to our team to always strive to find the most creative and caring way to conduct business.