Living an intuitive life.

In my experience, the more we honour our human needs – the more finely-tuned our intuition becomes. There is this beautiful balance that life invites us to find, between our grounded human experience and our spiritual growth and awakening.

My goal is to help you find that balance.

~ Sarah Hutchison

Sarah Hutchison

Sarah Hutchison is a Certified Holistic Self-Care Mentor, Reiki Master, and an Energy Intuitive. As Co-Founder of We Thrive Wellness Centre and Bliss B4 Laundry, she lives her life purpose: to hold safe space for the transformation and healing of others. After experiencing spiritual emergences that became emergencies, Sarah learned how important self-care is to intuitive development. She now shares techniques, resources and guidance with others wanting to live an intuitive lifestyle.

Why self care and intuition?

Think of yourself like a tall, strong tree.

The expansive network of roots beneath you symbolize the aspects of yourself that firmly ground you to the physical – your basic human needs. And the gorgeous crown of branches above you symbolize the aspects of yourself that connect you to the spiritual – or your Higher self.

When we want to deepen our intuition and increase our sensitivities, we must have a strong commitment to our own self-care. Nurturing our roots so that they anchor us firmly, especially during expansive periods of spiritual growth, is necessary so that our tree does not topple over. 

Often times, people want to develop their intuition, but they regularly neglect their emotional or physical health. Or they have challenging personal relationships that cause stress in their lives. Intuitive development is as much about spiritual practices, as it is about self-care practices. When we care for our own mental, physical and emotional needs – our spiritual growth will be that much more profound.

When you work with Sarah, she will share intuitive development techniques and self-care strategies – because both are imperative to living an intuitive lifestyle.


Do any of these sound like you?


You Know There Is "More" to Life

It has become clear to you that there is “more to life” than you originally thought, and you want to explore that.


You Want to Experience a "Reset"

You are feeling weighted down by some of the circumstances of your life and you are looking to clear away some of the heavy energy associated with pain and struggle.


You Want to Connect with your Intuition

You desire to connect more deeply with yourself and be guided by your intuition. You want to learn ways to recognize your own guidance.


You Want a Deeply Relaxing Experience

You want to experience a deeply relaxing and restorative experience to de-stress and encourage healing.


You Want to Feel Understood & Supported

You feel misunderstood and alone at times when it comes to your sensitivities. Or maybe you have lived through a breakdown, a trauma, or a burnout that opened you up intuitively. Perhaps you have fears or concerns about psychic experiences, and you want to talk to someone who will understand.


You Experience Synchronicities

You have experienced synchronicities firsthand, noticed “the magic”, or seen the signposts guiding and encouraging you – and this design to life fascinates you. You want to unpack the meaning of these signs and learn how to experience more of them.


You Are Empathic and Sensitive

You find yourself trying to solve other people’s problems, so you don’t have to “feel” their pain anymore. You people-please to keep the peace, and to protect your heart. It’s overwhelming to feel everyone’s emotions like they are your own. You want to learn how to manage your sensitivities.


You Want to Live Your Life with Meaning

You know that your life has purpose and meaning. You feel a calling or a yearning to figure out what that is, and you’re looking for a little support as you do.

I’d love to help xo.

Let’s work together.

Services + Events

Integrated Reiki Energy Healing

Integrated Energy Healing Session


The session begins with a brief check-in to help the client understand what to expect, and to set intentions for the session together. Sarah will share breathing, meditative or intuitive exercises to prepare for the energy work. Then the client rests in a lying down position, on a massage table listening to sound frequencies that entrain the body’s brainwaves – leading to slowed breathing, heartrate and mind chatter.

Sarah then uses Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy® techniques to help calm and soothe the client’s physical, emotional and mental state, inducing deep relaxation. With the client in this restful state, subtle disturbances or restrictions in the human energy field may be felt along the energy pathways of the body. These restrictions are commonly referred to as energy blockages, as they present as stagnations in the flow of energy. These blockages limit our experience of ease (or the flow-state) in life, and are thought to be caused by trauma, surgery, disease, exhaustion, emotional crisis, suppressed feelings, stress, fear, limiting thoughts and beliefs.

The goal of energy work is to open the flow of energy by energizing, integrating and releasing these blockages. This leaves the human energy field rebalanced. Clients may be feel vibrations, tingling, pressure, pulsating, temperature changes, emotions or numbness during a session, and some clients will fall asleep. 

Integrated Energy Healing sessions are a gentle way to release the pain of the past, without having to re-live difficult or traumatic experiences. The experience for most clients is calming and soothing.

Sarah shares exercises, tools, resources and self-care homework to help clients continue the self-healing process between sessions.

Personal Investment:   $122 + HST   (90-Minute Session)    |   $88 + HST   (60-Minute Session)

Spirit + Sound with Sarah Hutchison

Spirit + Sound


Join us for this unique meditative experience and opportunity to practice spiritual self care. Spirit + Sound sessions combine a meditative Gong Bath experience with a conversation circle on intuitive development topics.

This group session begins with a gong bath to help participants release the stress of the day and relax into the session. Participants are “bathed” in therapeutic gong sound frequencies, that help to slow their breathing, heartrate and thinking patterns. Participants who generally find guided or other forms of meditation difficult because of wandering thoughts, often report that gong baths help them release distraction and go deeper into the meditative experience. Participants enjoy the gong bath while lying down under a blanket. Mats, blankets and pillows are provided, or participants can bring their own.

As the gong bath finishes, and soft music plays, participants enjoy this deeply relaxed state as Sarah moves between each person quietly sharing Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy® to further deepen the journey with self-healing.

Now in a receptive and open state, participants will listen, contribute to and enjoy a conversation circle on intuitive development. Some of the topics explored will be: holistic self care, grounding techniques, meditation practice, intuitive/psychic senses, clearing your own energy field, prayer and intention, signs and synchronicities, chakras, and divination tools. The topic will change with each session.

Sarah will offer insights, tools and exercises to help participants explore their own intuitive senses, abilities and experiences. The goal is to help participants learn to live in alignment with their own inner guidance and wisdom.

Personal Investment: $44 + HST   |   120-Minute Session



   -Featured Program


Join us as we immerse ourselves in a sensory experience designed to rejuvenate and balance the chakra system.

Chakras are subtle energy centres in the body that connect matter and consciousness. These centres can become unbalanced or blocked. This class will help you learn strategies for bringing balance, calm and peace to your own awareness. We will explore gentle movement exercises, basic energy healing techniques, meditation, crystals and essential oils to learn about the vibrational healing aspects of each of these tools. Our goal will be to align and restore the healthy flow of energy through the chakra system.

The seven major chakras of the body will be explored over the course of two weeks. During each class, we will be working with different essential oils, creating blends for you to use at home. Please keep this in mind if scent sensitivities are an issue for you. All materials will be provided. 

Wear comfortable clothes as there will be gentle movement portions of each class.

Personal Investment: $69 + HST

We are here for you.

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