We Thrive’s TRUEyou Project inspires and honours the courage to live a life aligned with true authenticity, radical self-care, and magical joy.

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Physiotherapy and Chronic Pain

Have you been living with pain or discomfort from a old injury? Belleville Physiotherapist Leslie Richards, shows us how physiotherapy can help chronic pain.

Got a Case of the Blahs?

Have you got a case of the blahs?
There are so many factors that contribute to our wellness, sometimes it’s hard to pin down where that feeling comes from.

Can Stress Cause Jaw Pain?

We hardly notice when we clench the jaw, often we’re not even awake! So then why is it relevant? Because it’s a TEXTBOOK symptom of stress.

Lonely in Your Relationship?

Are you lonely in your relationship? Learn how can you begin to rekindle your connection in a meaningful and long-lasting way.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Bell Let’s Talk Day – a day devoted to ending the stigma around mental illness. Sarah Hutchison shares her personal story of living with Bipolar Disorder.

Bad Posture in the Cold Weather? Here’s How to Check it!

Hunching your shoulder’s to stay warm when it’s cold? Our bodies can get “stuck” in this position. It’s time to do a posture check!

Resolutions, Shmezolutions… am I right?

Here’s the true but maybe hard-to-hear fact about making positive changes in your life, it’s hard.
Whether your ready to take that big leap/ stop the habit/ create something new for yourself is uncertain.

Let’s try an experiment…

  Let's Try an Experiment... For the next 10 seconds breathe as quickly and forcefully as you can. Ready? Go! Notice how you feel. Now, for the next 10 seconds breathe as slowly and as controlled as you can. Again, notice how you feel. What method made you feel...

#TRUEyou Project

  #TRUEyou Project We all know what alignment feels like. Sometimes we don't realize we do, but we do. It feels good to live with integrity and authenticity. There is peace and contentment in our heart, body and mind when we make a decision that resonates deeply...

Listening With Our Hearts

  Listening With Our Hearts One year has passed since we opened our doors. And that year has been full of magical manifestation, miracles and a lot of laughter. She Thrives is a humbling project. It has a life force of its own. It has intention and purpose that...